July 15-16—Virtual by Zoom, Study Leader, Sheryl Aydelott

July 29-31—Virtual AND ‘In Person’ option

We will gather on Saturday, July 30, 9:45 am to 3:30 pm and Sunday, July 31, 9:45 am to 2:45 pm at Hillview UMC to view, on a large TV screen, the virtual zoom presentation of study leader Janessa Chastain and have the break-out room discussions in person. We can enjoy lunch (bring your own lunch) and fellowship time together. You will need to watch the zoom Opening Worship at home on Friday, July 29. 7 pm to 8 pm. Register online HERE or download and print a form HERE.

Contact Judy Halverson if you wish to join the ‘In Person’ session after you send in your registration so we can have enough tables set up. (judybhalverson@gmail.com); 208-859-2049. Everyone—women, men and youth—are invited. It is not necessary to purchase a study book; just read Luke 13 before you attend. There is no charge for Mission u this year.

Mission u 2022 theme:

Who can We Be Together? A biblical Exploration of Luke 13

We find ourselves in a period of incredible disruption and uncertainty. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, a divisive political climate and economic turmoil, we are turning to stories of Jesus that have anchored Christian communities in challenging times for over two millennia. This study will focus on the Luke 13:12 story of the woman seeking healing and the Luke 13:18-21 parables that Jesus likens the kingdom to a mustard seed and yeast. At the end of this study it is hoped that participants will leave with a bigger and broader vision of the kind of community Christ is calling us to be in times of loss, grief and massive disruption. What would be possible if we tend to the needs of our communities in small and often disruptive ways as Jesus did in Luke 13? May we do so with the faith that a multitude of small actions, like seeds, can activate a community’s healing and renewal.