Family Life Ministry

Whitney UMC has a vibrant Family Life Ministry, serving the children and families of the Whitney UMC family and community.

Welcome to Family Life Ministries at Whitney United Methodist Church. Our purpose is to provide resources and tools that help our little ones, youth, and their grown-ups grow accustomed to living out a vibrant life of love that is given to us by our Creator, Savior, and Holy Spirit.

Our definition of a family is pretty broad. We know that families come in all kinds of configurations, whether that includes a single parent, grandparents, a mother and father, or even households with pets. Our families with children have many opportunities and we’re working on ways to bring in our pets more, too.

As the seasons change and topics of importance come and go, we’ll be creating new and appropriate resources, described and linked below. Some of the common things we provide are:

Worship Kits:
Worship kits: we deliver materials for at-home worship to our families with children and youth. To connect with these kits, please contact .

Children’s moments:
Some of the weeks will have a recorded children’s moment that is pulled directly from our larger worship service, available on the “Worship” link. These children’s moments are not just for kids but also help grown-ups talk to children and youth about our relationship to God and to each other.

Table talk:
Our weekly table talk prompts can help get your family in the habit of reflecting on our experiences and thoughts through the lens of the Sprit. Just remember, these talks are about exploring our ideas, not acing a test!

Family Challenge:
As the week continues, we often find that we’ve put some distance between our everyday lives and our relationship with God. Our family challenge is a relatively easy way to “check-in” during the week.


Our current “at Home Worship Series” is for Easter:

Jesus died only as a seed dies
when it is planted in the ground,
Not to decay but to bring new life!

Weekly updates – table talk, family challenges, children’s moment videos and more!

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Walking in the Path of God – visit our Lent page here

Don’t miss our Virtual Easter Pageant!

It’s not easy helping members of our church family (especially our youngest ones!) understand how the events leading up to and including the crucifixion of Christ are “Good News,” especially when we try to understand this story as one of satisfying God’s need for wrath and blood. To better understand and explain the Good News of Easter, Whitney UMC performed a “virtual Easter pageant” that does not depict a story of atonement but shows how Jesus worked to lovingly upend corrupt systems of power.

This is a restricted video out of concern for the online safety of its participants.  Contact our Family Life Director, Kimberly Gardner, at for access.

Coming soon:

  • Children’s Moments Videos
  • Pictures
  • Other information