Current and Upcoming Worship Series

Extravagant Generosity

The Heart of Giving

Once in a great while, something comes along and unexpectedly captures our minds and hearts. That has been my experience in planning for our special church wide emphasis called Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving.

Starting October 8 we will begin our special congregational emphasis, Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving. You will not want to miss one of the four Sundays planned, as we explore and celebrate matters of our hearts. This will be a very meaningful time for our congregation.

Generosity is a term we rarely use. Some may think it is reserved for only the wealthy. Generosity is not about our bank accounts, it is about our hearts. Jesus’ response to the widow’s offering shows this. Generosity reflects God’s nature.

There is a question raised by the psalmist in psalm 116. This question may serve us well during our personal time of consideration—“How can I repay the Lord / for all his goodness to me?” (116:12, NIV). We can only find the answer in our hearts. Nothing we have is too big or grand to offer our awesome God. No gift is too small if it represents our prayers, a sacrifice, and a generous portion of our resources.

Each week we will hear ways that our giving impacts our lives and ways that our giving impacts the ministries of our church.  On the last Sunday, October 29, we will have a chance to fill out an estimate of giving card to express what God is calling us to give.

Through our giving, God changes lives, and in changing them, transforms us.